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When the sexually dysfunctional male patient is interviewed by a female therapist, it is extremely difficult to elicit reliable material, for cultural influence inevitably will prevail. Many times the male tells it as he would like to believe it is, rather than as it is. His ego is indeed a fragile thing when viewed under the spotlight of untempered female interrogation.

Human Sexual Inadequacy, William Masters and Virginia E. Johnson

Crowning the King and Queen at the April Fool Carnival Dance, 1952

Southwestern at Memphis

Memphis TN

Cheerleaders, 1951

Rhodes College

Memphis, TN

1965 Ford LTD four door hardtop



Home Show Finalists, 1952

Coney Island, 1960s

photo: Danny Lyon

RCA, 1959

RCA, 1959


~ Gallup Poll, 1954
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1960s Girl Scout uniforms.


Jocelyn Lane

Donna Reed

Donna Reed

Teenage Doll, 1957

Love at first sight;

from "How to Make Love, 

Secrets of Wooing from the 1930s”

byPietro Sr. Ramirez

Teen Love 1960s

photo: Leonard Freed