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1958 DeSoto Fireflite


~ Gallup Poll, 1954
(via Twitter / HistOpinion)


from:  Amateur Bondage” magazine; from the archives of Irving Klaw,

images c. 1950s-1960s

Sandra Dee 1959

 Actress Sandra Dee, 18, today had agency contract with William Morris agency approved by judge Orlando H. Rhodes today

The Secretary

The Leopards are loose!

waitresses at the Tropics night club 1956

A Captive Audience

Jill St. John 1958

 Mrs. Betty Lou Oppenheim and her actress daughter, Jill St. John, get work permit for Jill at Board of Education.

Diana Dors 1956

"British Film actress, Diana Dors strikes a typical ‘shipboard’ pose before departing here last night via TWA en route to London. Returning to England to star in a film, Miss Dors left here with over one thousand dollars of excess baggage which included two steamer trunks".

Edith Head design. (left) Peggy Hunt Design

Easter Brunch/Fashion show 1957

Girls are modeling gowns for the Easter Fashion Show and Brunch at the Beverly Hills Wilshire Hotel. This years theme is “Pink”. 

the two designs pictured are 1) an Edith Head from her “Think Pink” series (with hat) 2) Peggy Hunt  

Road Test Didn't Pass Intoximeter Accused of Felony DUI. Entering court.  a little accident in more ways than one mommy got drunk and ran someone over accused DUI suspect fails this test the INTOXIMETER at work

Drunk Driving in the 1950’s

Miss Universe Contestants 1958

Contestants and their teddy bears march together through Carnival Row and enjoy some hot dogs in Nu-Pike Park, Long Beach, CA.

C’mon over here, Baby

C’mon over here, Baby

She must have been a beautiful baby!

She must have been a beautiful baby!