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1951 When Children Start Dating

1957 Home Meal Planner 

WW2 Catalina Flying boat converted for luxury trips 1950s

I love a parade!

Christmas parade in Inglewood, 5 December 1951

Skating c.1956

Night Traveler 

trying to locate Broadway and Jefferson in the night fog, 1953

Pico Drive-In Theater c.1950

Californias first drive in theater 

opened September 9, 1934

Barbara Nichols shows some record love

Record Love

New York

Vivian Maier 

Dancing to the music

Tri Delta Society Dance 1951

best looking couples at a dance held by the Tri Delta Society at the Crystal Room, Beverly Hills Hotel.

Edward G. Robinson and Mona Freeman 1958

Edward G. Robinson and Mona Freeman arrive at Los Angeles International airport Sunday afternoon on continental Air Line’s flight from Denver where the two film stars closed out their engagement of the ‘The Middle of the Night,’ to open Tuesday at the Biltmore Theater. ‘The Middle of the Night’ is Miss Freeman’s first stage role but a familiar return to the board for Robinson, who has starred in the two-year Broadway run of this Paddy Chayefsky play.”

Patti Page 1958

"The lovely Patti Page is seen arriving today at International airport. The popular recording and TV star is in Hollywood at the request of producer Jerry Wald, who is seeking Miss Page to make her dramatic movie debut for him this summer".

"Tall People’s Wedding" 1951

David S. Stewart — 19 years (groom); Marilyn Beesley — 19 years (bride)

(no info listed on just how tall they were)