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Sightseers Gazing at Missile Launch. 1960

Elvis, 1960

 Gina Lollobrigida, Gorgeous as usual.

1960 Chevrolet

Beacon Motor Hotel, c.1960

Ontario Canada

Edge and corner wear

Salon Styles from 1960

Dansette, 1960

mark amsterdam

Sunkist Frozen Fruit Punches, 1960

Television Listing, 1960

The Batman, c.1966

 Anne Francis, James Millhollin and guest, 1960

Anne (as Marsha White) and James (mr. Armbruster) stand with her eternally frozen doppelganger on the set of the Twilight Zone episode, "The After Hours".

Maidenform Bra, 1960

"You’re in a world of quiet beauty aboard the Douglas DC 8 Jetliner"

 advertisement detail; Saturday Evening post, May 28 1960

illustration by Mike Ludlow

1960 Better Homes and Gardens