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Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Electra Jet 1960


Ford with Pan Am, 1960s

Pan Am 1960s

ad detail

Convair; Metropolitan 440, 1956

Air travel 1960s style

from: Everywoman’s Family Circle


United Airlines Stewardesses, 1963


TWA, 1953

Convair 880, 1959

check out “The Might-Have Beens: Convair 880 and 990”  for some great reading on these bad ass birds from the jet age.

Western Airlines animation cell c.1960

"Its the Only Way to Fly!"

Wally the BirdCommercial spokes-bird for Western Airlines made his debut in 1955


The Boeing 707, 1958

American Airlines, 1968

American Airlines c.1960s

Cooler Than You, and me too

Cooler Than You, and me too

Gordon’s Jet Flight, 1961

Little Golden Activity Book, by Naomi J. Glasson

illustrations by Mel Crawford

Mike Lynch of Mike Lynch Cartoons hit the nail on the head when he posted that "Today, we look at travelling the skies of 1961 — when flying in a plane was something that you got dressed up to do." 

I have wonderful childhood memories of airline travel. This book is a real gem in that it reminds us of a time before the world of airline travel in general kind of just gave up on itself. The Stewardesses smiled at you and treated you as if you were somebody special, even when you were just plain ol’ aunt Marge from a teensy little town in the middle of nowhere. You DID dress up to travel, in some of your very best clothes…the ones you wore on church Sunday. I recall the food being decent too, but I was a kid so my palate wasn’t highly developed yet! What happened to the ultra cool, Ultra smooth days of the Jet Age?  It saddens me to hear just how bad airline travel has become, how poorly the Stewardesses/Stewards are treated and paid. The same goes for the PilotsDoes anyone else have any memories of vintage airline travel they want to share?