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Evelyn “Treasure Chest” West

from 1956 Playgirl magazine


from Playgirl magazine 1956


from Playgirl magazine 1956

Tana Louise 

from Striparama magazine 1965

Betty O’Ray  

(strip tease dancer and model)

from Glamour Parade magazine oct.1957

Floor Show

crowd pleasing Beverly Jean working the floor at the Peel Palace in Greenwich Village.   (cabaret magazine 1957)

Jennie Lee

from Cabaret magazine 1957

Tempest Storm’s got you in her sites



Diabolique magazine c.1961-62

  Lily Ayers 

Tempest Storm doing her thing

Queen of the Nile Tinker Bells alter ego The

Tinker Bell as Queen of the Nile and as herself.

Tinker Bell had a famous stage show that was claimed to be the “best in the business”. It was called the Sins of Cleopatra. As her alter ego, Queen of the Nile, she would annoint her skin with oils, writhe around to violent claps of thunder and flashes of lightning and dance with a snake.  

"strong men cringe and women shudder as the dainty hand reaches into the basket and comes out clutching a writhing snake. She watches it with fascinated eyes as it darts hither and tither, as though bewildered by the beautiful body that is only protected by a few wispy garments. Then the beady eyes focus full on the naked bosom…and the snake strikes!"

Nobody rushed on stage as the soft lights bathed her glistening body and kissed her smooth curves. There was no need to…before you could say “G-String”, the stunning charmer was back on her feet and tripping back to the ominous mummy case from which she had emerged earlier.  The audience is as silent as a tomb as it waits.”

"The real Tinker Bell emerges from the case and bounces about the stage doing take offs from famous stage personalities, singing popular songs, mimicking  hoary vaudeville performers of old, weaving and teasing in a manner delightful to behold."

from Striparama magazine 1965

Irma the Body Sequin Jessica Rogers Dorian Dennis Lisa London Gay Dawn Dolly Oday

Top to bottom, L to R:

Irma the Body

Sequin, Jessica Rogers,

Dorian Dennis, Lisa London,

Gay Dawn, Dolly O Day

 images from Calvacade of Burlesque magazine 1953