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Tempest Storm

1957 Glamour Parade magazine

 Tempest Storm Silhouette 

from Glamour Parade magazine 1957

Lily Ayers Chesti Dahl Sequin Garner Jessica Rogers Pattie O Day Cynthia

Burlesque 1950s

Lily Ayers, Chesti Dahl, Sequin Garner, Jessica Rogers, Pattie Oday & Cynthia

Follies magazine 1958

Lily Ayers

from Follies magazine 1958

Tantalizing Tee Tee Red

1965 Striparama magazine

Blaze Starr 

from Bombshells of Burlesque magazine 1963

Tantalizing Tee-Tee Red


from Bombshells of Burlesque magazine

Tee-Tee Red 1963

Model: Liane Morrelli

from: Adam Magazine 1960

Tiny Dancer

from Cabaret magazine 1956

Bubbles Darlene

from Cabaret magazine 1957: burlesque photo spread

Lily Ayers 

"Cabaret" magazine 1957