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Detail from Phillips Gramophone Ad, 1960

Westinghouse, 1957

ad detail

1956 RCA television 
"The Fairhaven" deluxe model

1956 RCA television 

"The Fairhaven" deluxe model

Wollensak Electric, “Eye Matic” 1959

ad detail for reel to reel tape recorder

Christian monotone

Sparton, 1952

Three Screen Television 1961 

In 1961, Chicago TV pioneer Ulises Sanabria tested the market for a three-screen television with a photo spread in LIFE magazine. I suppose the advantage it had over simply owning three individual TVs in different rooms of the house is that it kept the family together – at least, physically. A hi-fi record player is concealed behind the center speaker panel. Apparently, it was inconceivable that two or more members of a family would want to listen to different records at the same time.”

the Belated Nerd

Automatic Radio 4 track tape adaptor / Sound Center, 1960s

I’m Learning To Share

Fidelity Phonograph, 1962

mark amsterdam

mid century record players

mark amsterdam  

has many images of phonographs, record players, etc.

Dansette, 1960

mark amsterdam

Motorola 1958

mark amsterdam

Motorola,  1958


mark amsterdam

Motorola Custom Deluxe Television, 1956