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Teen girl wearing a mini Heidelburg sabre/sword pinned through her sweater, a popular new fad among teenagers. 1940s

Teen girl wearing a mini Heidelburg sabre/sword pinned through her sweater, a popular new fad among teenagers. 1940s


High School Fads, 1944

pic 1) Bow on top of head means Ann Mitchell is out to “Get herself a man”.

         Bow in back means that Betty Dupree is “Not interested in men”.

pic 2) Bow on the right side indicates that Becky Brown is “deeply in love”.

          Bow worn on left is a signal and challenge. It means Betty Chaney is ”going steady”.




Paper Dresses,1966

'What was supposed to be a promotional gimmick turned into a bona fide trend when the Scott Paper Company introduced disposable paper dresses. The $1.25 sleeveless frocks made from 93% paper napkin stock and 7% nylon weave were sold in grocery stores in the spring of 1966 to promote Scott’s new colored tissues…but after a half a million were sold, other manufacturers joined the paper chase. Sponsors like Baby Ruth and Mastercharge (the forerunner to Mastercard) emblazoned their logos on paper garb. Silver Foil dresses were manufactured to echo the popular space age look of Star Trek and Lost in Space.

Department Stores like Abraham & Strauss and Stern Brothers opened boutiques featuring paper jackets, paper evening gowns, paper bell bottom jumpsuits and even paper swim trunks. So great was the frenzy that when Yellow Pages dresses for a dollar were advertised in a may 1968 issue of Parade magazine, 80,000 orders were received in one week.’

The fad faded the next year as fast as it had come.

Book of Days, 60’s

Teen Fads, 1953

If a girl wears a dog collar on her left ankle, she is “taken”, if she wears one on her right, she is “on the lookout” for a steady.

Fads, 1964

NEW FAD-Youngster holds old-style-bubble gum card which featured baseball players as contrasted with new fad in trading cards, photos of The Beatles.


Teen Fads, 1956

DOUBLE DUTY-Sue Manders, right, and Lynn Grossman try out the new “Boy Watcher” glasses that may look like an outer space accessory but in reality double as a hair retainer and “specs” that let a girl stare discreetly at any young man.


Teen Fads, 1947

Teenaged girl wearing  saddle shoes and bobby sox with a comb slipped into one of the cuffs.


Teens, 1958

Teenagers at a Rock-n-Roll concert

Teen Fads; Elvis, 1956

Group of teenagers in a record shop watch 13 year old Steve Shad imitate the moves of Rock Star, Elvis Presley.

 Teen Fads, 1947

 A teenage girl having nail polish touches added to her sunglasses.

Teen Fads, 1944

       Socks and high heeled shoes 

Teen Fads, 1942

 Teens kissing during a game of spin the bottle at a party.

Teen Fads, 1944

Teenage girls wrist covered with 6 identification bracelets which are as popular as the milkshake she is enjoying from a local soda fountain.

Teen Fads, 1944

Teenage girl using clear nail polish to hold up her socks.

Beatmint Gum, 1964

from across the pond, a real cool chew!

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