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Four Rat Pack members, Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Joey Bishop on set of Oceans 11, 1960

Larry Hagman

September 21, 1931 – November 23, 2012

Lucy and Desi behind scenes on set of the Long, Long Trailer, 1953


Ann Margret and Elvis, 1964

Viva Las Vegas

The Beautiful Ann Margret, 1964

Casting Call, 1961

 ”HOLLYWOOD HUNTS A BLACK CAT. Out of this sidewalk full of black cats one may be chosen for the title role in “The Black Cat,” one of three segments in “Tales of Terror,” which American International Pictures is casting at Producers Studio. Director Roger Corman hopes to find six look-a likes—one to star, the others to stand in—for the movie thriller starring Vincent Price, Peter Lorre, Joyce Jameson.”

 Los Angeles Times photographic archive, UCLA Library

Marilyn, amazing, as always. 


photo by Sam Shaw

Marilyn Monroe, 1953

photo: Sam Shaw

Lucy, 1940s


12 inch floral full house/cards Bleeding heart and sword Climbing flowers

Clothing Fads, “Suse” Sweaters- 1940s-1950s

Hollywood stars like them for their distracting, zany designs.

"Six years ago, Susan Dannenburg, who liked sweaters but did not have a sweater figure, knitted one for herself while waiting for a broken leg to mend. She decorated them with bleeding hearts, poodles, pink elephants and flowers with the idea of drawing attention to the sweater and not the shape of the wearer. The Scheme worked so well that she knitted some for her friends and even began selling a few. Some of her best customers were Hollywood women, Barbara Stanwyck, “Slim” Hawks, Esther Williams and Jennifer Jones. By Now, "Suse" Sweaters (pronounced “Suzy”) are sold all over the country. They are handmade by 20 knitters and 3 girls who do nothing but cut out zany appliques all day.  Some are further decorated by splashy fake jewels and beads. The effect is extravagant and so is the price: $50 to $70 “

Suse Sweaters were still quite popular throughout the 1950s as well and lovers of vintage wear still seek them out today!


Lucille Ball, 1940

"Dance Girl, Dance!"

Marilyn, 1962

Photo: Bert Stern

Marilyn, 1962

Photos: Bert Stern

                       Marilyn sure knew how to make love to the camera