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El Cortez Hotel at night, 1950s

Las Vegas, Nevada

Colorado Hotel; 1960s

Denver, Colorado

Romney Motor Lodge,

Salt Lake City, Utah 1950s


Holiday Inn,  c.1950s

Utica, New York 

Hey, did you know that Kemmons Wilson decided to build his own Hotel after being terribly dissappointed by inconsistent and poor quality roadside accomodations after a family road trip? The name Holiday Inn was given to the original hotel by his architect Eddie Bluestein as a joke, in reference to the 1942 musical film,  Holiday Inn, starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. 


Stovall’s Cosmic Age Lodge, 

Anaheim California 1960s

Holiday Inn Pool, 

Fishkill, New York 1960s

Pitts Motor Inn Lounge, 1960

Washington DC


Wayfarer Inn Pool;

Manchester, New Hampshire



El Mirador, Palm Springs, California

Summertime, poolside!


El Mirador, Palm Springs, California

Summertime, poolside!

Main house lobby at Shagrin’s Hotel in Swan Lake, NY

Lazy A Motel; Phoenix, Arizona 1950s


Kyes Motel,

Skowhegan Maine

Edge and corner wear

Holiday Inn’s “Coffee Host” 1960s

"Coffee Host - gigantic, wall-mounted ancestors of the Keurig “K-cup”machines, where guests “could enjoy a delightful 4-ounce cup of coffee at any time of the day.” Not only were these available in many Holiday Inn rooms, but folks could buy the machines for home use!"-Pleasant Family Shopping

The Montagu Beach Hotel underwater act

Nassau in the Bahamas 1960s