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Pacific Southwest Airlines (PSA) Electra Jet 1960



Jet Flight - 1959


Promises of the Jet Age: ‘White Heat’ - Collage on Canvas 2013

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Pan Am 1960s

ad detail

Jet Age Gas Pumps, 1964


Convair; Metropolitan 440, 1956

United Airlines Stewardesses, 1963


TWA, 1953

Convair 880, 1959

check out “The Might-Have Beens: Convair 880 and 990”  for some great reading on these bad ass birds from the jet age.

The Boeing 707, 1958

Gordons Jet Flight, 1961

A Little Golden Book

illustrations by Mel Crawford

ad detail for Pan American Airlines (Pan Am) 1955

American Airlines Stewardess College Graduates 1960

detail from American Airlines advertisement

"You’re in a world of quiet beauty aboard the Douglas DC 8 Jetliner"

 advertisement detail; Saturday Evening post, May 28 1960

illustration by Mike Ludlow

 postcard of LAX (los angeles international airport) c.1961