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High School Hellcats, 1958

Lauren Bacall, The Big Sleep 1946

Lauren Bacall, The Big Sleep 1946


"A rejection slip that motion picture studio Essanay Film Manufacturing Company (1907-1925) used to send to screenwriters whose submissions didn’t make the cut. Essanay is best remembered for its series of Charlie Chaplin films.


Ann Blyth 1950s

Teenage Doll, 1957

Diana Dors 1950s

publicity photo for the film “Unholy Wife”

Tippi Hedren

photo by Phillip Hallsman

Teenage Bad Girl, 1956

The Creature

Creature From the Black Lagoon, 1954

Kodak, 1950

Blonde Sinner

Diana Dors, 1956

American Airlines in flight movie 1960s

"With the advent of large jets, movies became an increasingly popular way to entertain passengers on long-distance flights."

America by Air

Psycho publicity poster, 1960


I was a Teenage Werewolf, 1957