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TWA Disneyland Ad, 1960s



Quite an eyeful, 1947

Students at the McConnell Air Hostess School learning the right and wrong ways to serve passengers


Cooler Than You, and me too

Cooler Than You, and me too

Lucy with Kids c. 1960

I like this pic of Lucy. She looks relaxed and great in those sunglasses!

TWA 1962

advertisement, c. 1962

TWA 1966

TWA Stewardess, c. 1956

TWA 1950

The man looks quite a bit like Danny Thomas

TWA 1950s

Twa Terminal 1962

TWA 1963


"It’s a shame to come down to earth"

TWA 1952

"I Thought it would be hard to take the children so far, until

another mother told me about TWA.” 

Twa First Class Lounge c.1958