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James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’, 1955

Goodbye, Cid.

Cid Ceasar 1922-2014

Bobby Soxers crowd in a hotel hallway waiting to catch a glimpse of Errol Flynn, 1945

Alameda, California


Rock Hudson


Rock Hudson

James Dean as Jett Rink on set of “Giant” 1955

Marfa, Texas

Leonard Nimoy and Family enjoy a day on the town, 1960s

Anthony Perkins 1959

Phillipe Halsman

Dustin Hoffman 

The Graduate, 1967

Jack Nicholson and friend, 1968

Steve McQueen

The Selvedge Yard

Sinatra, c.1964

James Dean

Boris Karloff, fashion plate

Larry Hagman

September 21, 1931 – November 23, 2012