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Disneyland Flying Saucers 

Autotopia, Disneyland 1963


Disneyland After Dark, 1959

"Let the wonders of Disneyland do wonders for you!"


Date Nite at DISNEYLAND! c.1960

Date Nite at Disneyland began in 1957 and was an annual event which continued through the 1970s. 


Date Nite at Disneyland, c.1950s


Amusement Ride, c.1950

signs and wonders

Night Coaster, 1949

Autopia, Disneyland 1959


Disneyland entrance c. 1960s

I sometimes have to guess at the timeline of some of the images I post. Usually when I use a c. (circa), I am giving or taking 5 years on either side of the year I posted, as circa means “on or about, give or take a few, around this time, etc.” in other words, if I post an image with c.1958, I mean that it could be between 1958 and 1963, approximately. I do my best to be as close as possible.

Spaceman and Spacegirl

Disneyland c.1950s

Flying saucers ride

Disneyland 1957

Disneyland entrance showing Monorail 1960s

1950s amusement park fun!