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Crombie Taylor

1960 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop

1959 Cadillac

1963 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight 4 Door Hardtop Rear Seat Interior


1958 DeSoto

1958 DeSoto

Buick Electra Flamingo, 1961

Christmas Kitsch

"Colorado Springs, Colorado" 1968

"Colorado Springs, Colorado" 1968

1961 Lincoln Continental


Backstage, Folies Bergere, Paris 1950s

1960 Golden Sahara II by Barris

Alden Jewell

I know this isn’t my usual post but I had to share this beautiful site!

Polar bears here in my home state of Alaska munching on a DEEEELICIOUS whale carcass on Sept. 12 Kaktovik, AK

In the village of Kaktovik, 600 miles north of Anchorage on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, villagers hauled in a whale Thursday. It was a bowhead. The third and last whale of the season.

After it was killed, they towed it to shore. Then the children climbed on it and a biologist took measurements and samples. After that, they rinsed it with seawater and began to butcher with “big, huge knives,” Flora Rexford, a 27-year-old teacher in the village, told me Friday morning by telephone.

That’s when the polar bears waiting on a barrier island not far off shore, slid into the water.

"Once they start cutting, the bears start coming across," she said.

Polar bears are commonplace in Kaktovik, an Inupiat village of 250. They’re a little like moose in Anchorage. Rexford was born and raised in the village so she’s used to them. But to outsiders, seeing bears up close is still a rare and exotic sight. Tourists fly thousands of miles and pay thousands of dollars for bear-viewing trips from the village.

Plymouth Plaza 1958

Things that are sweet!


1957 Starfire 98 convertible