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Go Carts, 1960s

Happy Hour!

Boys on the grass, 
New Trier High School 1950

Boys on the grass, 

New Trier High School 1950

Boys on the walk, 1950

Teen boys wearing accustomed style of jeans and loafers, 1950

 Stag line,  (boys without dates)

Midwinter formal dance,

Woodberry Forest School, 1944

1964 Cornett Family boys

photo: William Gale Gedney

Teens, 1950s

Teenage boys wearing the style they are most accustomed to throughout the United States; Jeans, leather boots (shoes are acceptable) and button up shirt with carefully rolled sleeves (a tee shirt may be worn under this or by itself).                       

Teens, 1958

Teen demonstrates why she was considered the most talkative girl in school by the yearbook editor.

A boy and his Dog, 1945


Teen Boys, 1945

     Next to girls, teenage boys like sports, a usual Saturday afternoon past-time. 

Teen Boys, 1947

G.I. Joe, 1966


Flexing Young Bucks, 1951

Flexing their muscles for their mutual admiration and for that of passers-by, these California youths find the days go fast on “Muscle Beach” at Santa Monica.


Smiling Teen, 1945