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Jayne Mansfield


1959, High Vol.1 No.12

Mens Only Magazine 1959

Underneath It All  c.1950s

Mans Pleasure magazine, 1969

1950s Pretty

Jayne, 1959

"Jayne Mansfield inaugurates first ‘Jayne Mansfield Dream Pool’ showroom at 6120 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys, at special ceremonies and cocktail party for the Press."

1950s Model unknown

Fredericks of Hollywood, c.1960s

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Fredericks of Hollywood 1960s

Check out The Pie Shops

Myrna Webber

Miss August 1958

Playboy Playmate

Pricilla Wright; Playboy Playmate

March 1966

Christa Speck

Playboy Playmate of the Month

September 1961 

Fredericks of Hollywood 

wigs and “wiglets” advertisement 1954

check out The Pie Shops

Eve Myer

Playmate of the month June 1955, Playboy magazine