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Your children’s manners 1952

A Jet Pilot 

from childrens magazine feature "What Will I Be?" 1964

Dave Lyons; illustrator

Drive In Love!

Childrens Digest 1962

artist: Dan Lawler

1957 Home Meal Planner 

Cooking with Mom! 

from 1960s cookbook

Music Around The Clock 1955

Illustrator; Val Samuelson

ad detail for Pan American Airlines (Pan Am) 1955

from "Time for Each Other" 1964

Illustration by Donald Morrison

Your children’s manners 1952

your children’s manners 1952

 Metropolitan Life Insurance Company c. 1956. 

artist  J.P Miller

1952 your children’s manners

Manners, 1960s

childrens book, cover

illustration from Betty Crocker cookbook, 1950s