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Space Boy

A Trip Through Space 1954

Supercar 1962 

Little Golden Book

1954 A Trip Through Space (for boys and girls)

TWA 1952

"I Thought it would be hard to take the children so far, until

another mother told me about TWA.” 

Record Love

Fun at the county fair


Skating Fun


a handshake for the vanquished Bobby Frett, 3 time champ

The Days of Twine and Marbles

marble championship 1952 

Baby Muscles

long beach, 1952

Christmas Party Money Stolen 1951

"Children stare at quarter, start of new collection. Their pennies which they saved since start of new term at their child care center at Burbank Elementary School, and which amounted to $25 were stolen last night by burglars. Their pennies were to have paid Christmas party, which they won’t have."

close examination of wooden soldiers The new Ann Boleyn doll from England Mech. horse actually walks and lopes Demonstrates new Satellite Launcher toy

How much is that toy in the window?

Enthusiastic children longingly inspect some of the toys at a department store christmas display; 1957

What big HAIR you have!

What big HAIR you have!