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1958 DeSoto Firemite Convertible


True Love!


A potentially frisky party game from the “Rumpus Room Round-Up Western Style Family Fun” section of the Dairy Queen Party Book, 1960.  (scanned by WeirdVintage)

Summertime, Poolside 1950s

Rhodes College, 1960

Memphis TN

Students having fun outside of classes

Crowning the King and Queen at the April Fool Carnival Dance, 1952

Southwestern at Memphis

Memphis TN

Coney Island, 1960s

photo: Danny Lyon

Girls, Soda Pop and Rollerskates, 1950s

Family dinner at Jay’s Brookdale Drive-in, 1960s

Students climbing on southwestern sign; 1961

Rhodes College, Memphis TN


Student Dance at Southwestern University,

Memphis,Tennessee 1952


Teen Couple doing the jitterbug

Teen Couple doing the jitterbug

Wayfarer Inn Pool;

Manchester, New Hampshire