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Girls of Wilmington High School 1950s

Girls, Soda Pop and Rollerskates, 1950s

Bobby Soxers crowd in a hotel hallway waiting to catch a glimpse of Errol Flynn, 1945

Alameda, California

Rollerskating Love! 1950s

Rollerskating Love! 1950s



Las Vegas, 1955

Teens, 1954

Teenage girls on Easter vacation playing in game area of Newport Beach Pier, California.


Calling All Girls, 1958

Teen Fads, 1948

"Striped socks are worn by all the members of a girl’s club at the Austin High School in Chicago. They are regulation football stockings which the girls have wheedled away from Austin players. The girls think they are wonderful but the boys dislike them. They say the girls legs look like Barber Poles."

Bobby Socks and Loafers, 1944

Pic reads:

"Bobby Socks and Loafers are on the active feet of nearly every U.S. High School girl. Here is a line up of co-eds at Hollywood High in San Mateo, California."


"Ringo walked on this grass!!"    1964

Teen sobs, clutching her treasure tightly in her hand: a few matted sprigs of grass that the object of her affection, Ringo Starr, had trod upon only moments before.


Record Love

Gun Love

fun with cops

a group of girls having some fun selling tickets for the county fair

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