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The construction of the Eiffel Tower, 1887-89.

WWII soldiers get their last kiss before being deployed.

WWII soldiers get their last kiss before being deployed.

1971 Trying to get signatures supporting the “Small breasted woman of America”, Strip Tease artist Scarlett O’Hara is arrested for wearing no clothing in public.

This Is Cape Canaveral

Miroslav Sasek

Nat’l Guard Subdues Cicero Race Riots 1951When a black family attempted to move into an all white neighborhood in Cicero Illinois,the National Guard had to be called out to subdue rioting protestors. July 1951

JFK on the campaign trail

Twa First Class Lounge c.1958

Teens enjoy a game of monopoly at the “TIN CAN-TEEN”, 1945

Disneyland Entrance ca.1966

Eastern Airlines Stewardesses 1960s

Trinity, July 16th 1945

The first nuclear explosion in history took place in New Mexico at the Alamogordo test range in the Jornada del Muerto (journey of Death) desert. 

"In that brief instant in the remote New Mexico desert the tremendous effort of the brains and brawn of all these people came suddenly and startlingly to the fullest fruition. Dr. Oppenheimer, on whom has rested a very heavy burden, grew tenser as the last seconds ticked off. He scarcely breathed. He held on to a post to steady himself. For the last few seconds, he stared directly ahead and then when the announcer shouted "Now!" and there came a tremendous burst of light followed shortly thereafter by the deep growling roar of the explosion, his face relaxed into an expression of tremendous relief. Several of the observers standing back of the shelter to warch the lighing effects were knocked flat by the blast.

…All seemed to feel that they had been present at the birth of a new age — The Age of Atomic Energy — and felt their profound responsibility to help in guiding into the right channels the tremendous forces which had been unlocked for the first time in history.”

Brigadier General Thomas F. Farrell, describing his impressions at S-10,000 a bunker 10,000 yards south of Trinity

ca.1960s save the whales 

attempted takeover 1970

"Attempted takeover. During the Days of Concern in May of 1970, student demonstrators against the Vietnam war and military training attempted a takeover of the old World War II barracks-type building which accommodated Detachment 60 of the AFROTC. Although students did not get into this building on this occasion, another try was made two years later and demonstrators occupied the second floor of the building for a part of one day. Damage to the building was negligible and there was no violence during either the 1970 or the 1972 events.

1970 Strike Graffiti

"Graffiti such as this on the face of a USC building were duplicated all over the nation where students expressed their anger over the Kent State killings by National Guardsmen and the continuation of the Vietnam war