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I´m Begining To See The Light


Gerry Mulligan Quartet w/Chet Baker - I’m Beginning To See The Light - The Original Sessions (1952-1953)


 Joe Morello, 1961


Ella Fitzgerald sings the hell out of The Sunshine of Your Love!

First Book of Jazz;  pg.4-5: African Drums

By: Langston Hughes

illustrated by: Cliff Roberts





A Symposium On Popular Songs, 1962

Swingin’ man, Swingin!


A Symposium On Popular Songs, 1962

Swingin’ man, Swingin!

Billie Holiday 1949

by Carl Van Vechten

deep space daguerreotype

My Only Man

Unlimited Cool #20

My Only Man

Helen Merrill

My Funny Valentine

Unlimited Cool #16 

My Funny Valentine

Chet Baker 

Almost Blue

Unlimited Cool #11

Chet Baker,” Almost Blue “

Autumn Leaves

Unlimited Cool #10  "Autumn Leaves"

Chet Baker & Ruth Young

Time After Time

Unlimited Cool #5  

Chet Baker; “Time After Time”

Blues Going Up

Unlimited Cool #4 

I am a hardcore lover of music from the era of cool, (1950s-1960s) particularly Jazz. For those of you who want your very own Mad Men style playlist or just want to add some killer music to your collection, I’ve decided to start posting a daily track that will blow you straight back into the atomic age. Look for the Unlimited Cool posts at 1950sunlimited using the working search bar. Hope you like.

Ok, so the DAILY TRACK idea didn’t stick very well but as of today I promise I’ll post more to UNLIMITED COOL! (10/24/12)

Black Nightgown

Unlimited Cool #3   “Black Nightgown”

From Gerry Mulligan, Shelly Manne, Art Farmer; composed and arranged by Johnny Mandel on the album "I Want to Live"

This is one of the greatest jazz scores ever written, one of my all time favorites!