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Holiday Inn Pool, 

Fishkill, New York 1960s

Wayfarer Inn Pool;

Manchester, New Hampshire


Swans Down Cake Flour 1950s

Cake, Cake, Kitschy Cake!

Main house lobby at Shagrin’s Hotel in Swan Lake, NY

Lazy A Motel; Phoenix, Arizona 1950s


Kyes Motel,

Skowhegan Maine

Edge and corner wear

Seafoam Cantaloupe Pie, 1966

Better Homes and Gardens 

Holiday Inn’s “Coffee Host” 1960s

"Coffee Host - gigantic, wall-mounted ancestors of the Keurig “K-cup”machines, where guests “could enjoy a delightful 4-ounce cup of coffee at any time of the day.” Not only were these available in many Holiday Inn rooms, but folks could buy the machines for home use!"-Pleasant Family Shopping

 Rancho 42 Lanes Recreational Center

 Salt Lake City, Utah

  Postcard, c. 1960

"Carillion" style eye glasses

"Clearly a new note in high fashion"

Shell Factory Incorporated

Fort Myers, Florida 1960s