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High School student on his motorcycle, 1953

1947 Cool Chicks on Bikes

Bettie’s Boots

Leisure time

Lenny Burtman collection (I had wrongfully posted this as from Irving Klaw archives)

Lenny Burtman was one of the top publishers of Fetish and punishment magazines in the mid 1950s through the 1960s. In 1949 Lenny began working as a professional photographer, reputedly doing some work for Irving Klaw before becoming a magazine publisher. In 55 Burtman (as Burmel publishing) began publishing Exotique magazine which ran from 55 to 59. Exotique was widely distrubuted and was one of the key fetish publications of the late 1950s

Illustrator: Eric Stanton

from: Cruel Miss Tyrants Bondage School,

illustrated photo story book c. 1963