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You will go to the Moon, 1959

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"To the Moon and Beyond Beyond Beyond Beyond Beyond" from the Official Guide to the New York World’s Fair 64/65


// by Djuno Tomsni on Flickr.


Journey to the Moon (1959)


Journey to the Moon (1959)


I wonder…

I wonder…

Detail from the album cover “I Hear a New World-An Outer Space music fantasy by Joe Meek" 1960

 Moon Plaque , 1969

Left behind on the moon by Apollo 11 astronautsthe plaque was stainless steel, 9 by 7 and 5/8 inches and 1/16 inch thick. 


 1965 Preschool Reader

Mercury Atlas 7 Crew 1962

1960’s teaching aid

You and Science: Science for Better Living, 1955

"Note the rugged landscape of the moon’s surface."


M is for Moon

Space Alphabet, Irene Zachs;  1964 

"Lets Find Out About the Moon"  1966

cover detail