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Rock-Ola 441 (1969)

Juke Box, 1954

Record Love!

University of Iowa,  1952


I´m Begining To See The Light


Gerry Mulligan Quartet w/Chet Baker - I’m Beginning To See The Light - The Original Sessions (1952-1953)

Voice of Music  (VM) record player #566

Voice of Music (VM) 562 Hi-Fi 

Voice of Music (VM) 562 Hi-Fi 

Junior College students dancing to music from a portable radio, 1947

 Balboa Beach, California


High School students dancing to recorded music on the radio, 1950s

Detail from the album cover “I Hear a New World-An Outer Space music fantasy by Joe Meek" 1960

Highway Hi Fi, 1950s

Highway Hi-Fi was created by Dr. Peter C. Goldmark.
The idea came from his young son.