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Automatic Radio 4 track tape adaptor / Sound Center, 1960s

I’m Learning To Share

Teens, 1965

Police try to hold back part of 1,000 teenagers who broke through cordon at Los Angeles  International Airport to rush plane on which folk singers Sonny and Cher were leaving for a London engagement.

Patti Page, 1958

We lost someone special yesterday. She was the best-selling female artist of the 1950s and one of the best known female traditional pop artists of all time, “The Singin’ Rage, Miss Patti Page!” She, unlike most singers of Pop music, blended styles of country music into many of her popular songs. This enabled her music to climb high atop the Billboard Country Chart as well. When Rock and Roll became popular, traditional pop music became less so. Page was one of the few pop singers who sustained her success and continued to belt out major hits into the mid 1960s. The 1970s saw Patti shift her career towards country music and chart the country charts until 1982. Patti’s signature song was the Tennessee Waltz, recorded in 1950. It was one of the biggest selling singles of the 20th century and one of two official state songs of Tennessee. Page was due to be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award in February. She was 85 years old.   Goodbye, Patti.

Record Love

Record Love

Teens, 1966

The happy sound of music and teenagers respond on the dance floor at annual Teen-age Fair at the Hollywood Palladium.


Teens, 1955

Teenagers listen to a radio show in the studio. DJ Alan Freed, also known as Moondog  became internationally known for promoting the mix of blues, country and rhythym and blues music on the radio in the United States and Europe under the name of rock and roll. thanks to: afortunateson2


Teens, 1966

Teenagers dancing at T.Vs “Hullabaloo Teen Scene”


Teens, 1958

Teenagers at a Rock-n-Roll concert

Teens, 1948

This teenage couple is listening to records and having a snack of milk and cookies.

Spaced Out!

Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner at their very best sharing with us their “musical” renderings of such beloved favorites as “If I Had a Hammer” and “Mr.Tambourine Man”.

Children’s record graphics, 1950s

Let’s go dancing to Rock-n-Roll! 

Hen Gates and his Gaters, 1957

Billie Holiday 1949

by Carl Van Vechten

deep space daguerreotype

Give Me the Simple Life

Unlimited Cool #22

June Christy; “Give Me the Simple Life”

Elvis c.1950s