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A record party for two…

Record Love!

comically Vintage

Record Love!

Teenagers, 1945

Teens enjoy music and dancing at the home of a friend. A Get together like this one was common among teens during the 1940s. An adult Chaperone, usually parents, was always nearby.


Record Love!

Customers in a record store using listening booths. Oxford street, London.

Record Love!

Elvis, 1960

Elvis on stage at Frank Sinatra Show

Record Love! 


Record Love!


Record Love

"Ringo walked on this grass!!"    1964

Teen sobs, clutching her treasure tightly in her hand: a few matted sprigs of grass that the object of her affection, Ringo Starr, had trod upon only moments before.


Record Love!


C. 1950s

I’ve done a little research on this but come up short. I’m wondering if anyone out there might know it’s origins?

Record Love!

House and Garden 1963

My Only Man

Unlimited Cool #20

My Only Man

Helen Merrill