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1952 University of Iowa Winter Ball

1965– Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones enjoying a budweiser poolside, Clearwater, Florida

The Selvedge Yard

 Joe Morello, 1961


The Doors, 1967

Al Q

In the studio, 1962

Billie Holiday 1949

by Carl Van Vechten

deep space daguerreotype

Desi Arnaz appearance ad, 1941


Elvis c.1950s

Desi Arnaz c.1940s-1950s

Desi Arnaz

A lot of people forget that Desi Arnaz was a world renown musician and highly accomplished conga player before we fell head over heels for him as Ricky Ricardo in “I Love Lucy”. 

"Ringo walked on this grass!!"    1964

Teen sobs, clutching her treasure tightly in her hand: a few matted sprigs of grass that the object of her affection, Ringo Starr, had trod upon only moments before.


Cry Me a River

Unlimited Cool #1  Julie London; “Cry Me a River”

Fan Love