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"One Hell of a lot more than rocket fuel!"

Illustration for article entitled "Sex In Space" from Adam Magazine, Nov. 1959

Readers letters to Beauty Parade Mens Magazine May, 1950

"She was pink and naked, whimpering on the floor…"

scanned from 1959 Adam Magazine fiction entitled “Save me your Boots" by Connie Sellers

can anyone tell me who the artist is? I’m quite sure someone knows this!

Gloved Lovely 

Model:Carla Ritter, scanned from 1948 Eyeful magazine

Lorraine Cote

scanned from Eyeful Magazine, 1948

Cellophane Dame 

Clara Barrie

scanned from Ace Magazine 1961

"Ann Dexter shows anguish as the manacles bite into her soft flesh!"

 scanned from Eyeful magazine, 1948

Crude, Rude and Lewd

Torture Mistress 

From Adam magazine, 1960. article entitled “Torture Mistress of New Orleans”;  

Jessica Rogers

scanned From Gala magazine, 1954

"Please dont beat me with that crop”

scan from Exotica magazine, 1962 entitled “Miss Exotica 1962”

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Velvet and Jewels

scanned from Cabaret Yearbook 1956