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Cake, Cake, Kitschy Cake!

Pies, Pies, Mid Century Pies!

Good Housekeeping’s Party Pie Book, 1958


Retro Frankenweenie Poster, 2012

I have a real place in my heart for posting only truly vintage images but every now and then something comes along and I just have to share it. I love the HELL out of this HAMSTER MUMMY! So damn cute.

Monsterfink’s Midnight Monster Spookshow

Record Love 1950s

Illustration from 1960s cookbook

Meal Service c.1950s

Astra Gnome time and space car 1956

Kuba Komet Television

manufactured from 1957 to 1962 in West Germany, The Komet was the complete Home Entertainment Center for its time. There are few surviving Komets in the world. 

Mr. Ham went to Space 

From the childrens book "This is Cape Canaveral" by Miroslav Sasek, 1963

This title was first published as This is Cape Canaveral, then as This is Cape Kennedy. It was reissued in June 2009 as This is the Way to the Moon!

Space Suit

1958 exploring space

Motorola 1960s

Charles Schridde

these ads were motorola’s “House of the future” ads. I’ve got quite a fondness for Schridde illustrations.

School of Tomorrow

May 5, 1958 edition of Arthur Radebaugh’s Sunday comic, Closer Than We Think

First Men to the Moon

illustrations from the book First Men to the Moon by Wernher Von Braun; 1958 

1963 Living room design

1953 Crane Kitchen Cabinets and Sinks