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If your iPad is on the fritz, this handy portable display will certainly help boost your swimming pool sales!

1960s Salesman’s Sample Pool for Sears | Display used to market to communities | Made by Monte Displays of Great Neck, NY - Via

Canada Dry 1960s

Coffee House How To ,1960

Coffee House How To ,1960

Your Own Name! Doormat

"Yes, your own name in front of your home can give it the finaltouch of beauty and distinction….”


Hi-Lite Your Dance,

Mirrored Balls,

Filjon Inc. 

Syracuse, New York


Sears, 1969

Ford Salesman Facts, 1965

Brochure cover

For Men, 1959

Motorola Color, 1958

from a dealer sales portfolio

Sears, 1964

Sears, 1957

Record Love!

Customers in a record store using listening booths. Oxford street, London.

Sears, 1963

Little Miss Revlon and Toni Dolls

Sears, 1958

Sears, 1969