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From: “No Time For Love” June 1969
Girls Romances  #141

From: “No Time For Love” June 1969

Girls Romances  #141

Betty Brosmer

Jayne Mansfield 

Beautiful Jayne

After Hours!

Elmer Batters Archive

After Hours 

Marilyn, 1962

Photos: Bert Stern

                       Marilyn sure knew how to make love to the camera

Julie Newmar, 1958

set of the Broadway play “Marriage go round”

Mans Pleasure magazine, 1969

1950s Pretty

Samia Gamal with husband Shepard King III 


I think this is about one of the sexiest images ever! 

"Among all the names and events that comprise Houston history, a young belly dancer from the Nile River Valley is probably the last person you’d figure to pop up on the timeline of the city’s past.

But she did. And it reportedly all started in 1951 at a Paris nightclub.

There, a Houston man named Sheppard King III, scion of a wealthy Dallas family that made its fortune in cotton, oil and real estate, fell in love with a tan-skinned, brown-eyed beauty named Samia Gamal. Gamal, popular along the international nightclub circuit for her belly dancing routine, was pretty well-known in Egyptian cinema.

The courtship didn’t take too long; after three hours, King proposed to Gamal.”

Naturally, the press ate it up. Here for the rest of this story and here for some great pictures.

Pricilla Wright; Playboy Playmate

March 1966

Pat Dorsey 

Adam Magazine 1956

Brit Boudin

Campus Dolls Annual, 1964

Green Jeans c.1964