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1955 Cadillac St. Moritz

Lost Show Cars of GM

1955 Cadillac Westchester

"A 14-inch television, a telephone, tape recorder, and Korina gold wood paneling were among the unusual features of the 1955 Cadillac Westchester show car. Its fate is unknown." Via

1954 Cadillac La Espada show car

Captain Kirk and “The Reactor”, 1967

William Shatner poses here with now legendary car¬†customizer,¬†Gene Winfield’s creation, "The Reactor". The car was built in the early 60s. Gene toured with it, showing it in car shows throughout the country. He took it to Hollywood and showed it at movie studios where it found a job in Television shows like Batman, Bewitched and of course, Star Trek. On the Star Trek episode #54 (Bread and Circuses) in 1967, the car is known as the “Jupiter 8 car”.

1953 Ford X-100 Show Car detail

Paris Match Magazine