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1950-1969 All things mid century. Dont forget
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Lift off, 1969

Apollo 10

Cape Kennedy Space Center

Miss Earth Contest 1952

Miss Earth Contest 1952

I Want to be a Space Pilot, 1961

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 Moon Plaque , 1969

Left behind on the moon by Apollo 11 astronautsthe plaque was stainless steel, 9 by 7 and 5/8 inches and 1/16 inch thick. 


Atlantic Pizza Delight Franchise

UFO Restaurant

Moncton, New Brunswick


Pontiac, 1958

Earth Satellite

Man’s first space adventure


 1965 Preschool Reader

Living In Space;

The Astronaut and His Environment 1969

Mercury Atlas 7 Crew 1962

You and Science: Science for Better Living, 1955

"Note the rugged landscape of the moon’s surface."

Adventures in Space, 1960

"Stories to Remember", 1962

Balloon Satellite “Echo”

the entry in this children’s school book describes the miracle of bouncing signals off of a satellite.

American Space Digest 1963

Tampax 1960s

"You feel carefree, comfortable, confident. Even confident enough for spacewalking!"