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1950-1969 All things mid century.

John Glenn, 1969 

children’s record graphics, 1950s

Dude in space, 1960s

from a preschool reader, 1965

Electric Light and Power Companies, 1961

Earth Satellite

Man’s first space adventure


 1965 Preschool Reader

Living In Space;

The Astronaut and His Environment 1969

What Makes A Shadow? 1962

artist;  Adrienne Adams

Mercury Atlas 7 Crew 1962

I quite love this image…

I quite love this image…

 Forbidden Planet 1956

366 Goodnight Stories 1963

Illustrations; Jill Franksen, et al.

Star Trek 1966

Episode: The Cage

You and Science: Science for Better Living, 1955

"Note the rugged landscape of the moon’s surface."