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Summertime, Poolside 1950s


// by Djuno Tomsni on Flickr.

Summertime, Poolside!

Village Inn

Gilbertsville Kentucky


Kings Row Trailer Park-Overnites; Las Vegas, NV 1960s

it’s better than bad

Swimming Pool Love! 1955

Indoor Pool at the Hotel Brickman

South Fallsburg, NY

One of my very favorite things are mid century Hotel/Motel pools. All summer long I posted them and was a bit bummed out when summer ended because I do like there to be SOME form to this damned blog. Summer stuff in the summer, fall stuff in the fall, Halloween stuff in October, etc. Well…I’ve decided that I’m going to post the hell out of INDOOR pools all Fall and Winter long. That way I still get my fix and maybe some of you will too. 

Bolta Flex, 1950s

Swim caps galore, 1950s

Swim Ezy, 1950s


St. George Pool, Brooklyn NY 1950s

Come on in, the waters fine!

Summertime, Poolside!

Colton Manor Motel,

Atlantic City, NJ

 Edge and corner wear