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Kodak, 1950

1956 Magnavox


Magnavox with Magna-Color (Chromatone) and Astro-Sonic Stereo, 1966

General Telephone and Electronics

Starlite Phone, 1961

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Data Processing System 

Robo Teach.


mid century compu tech


 Computers, 1964

“A computer fed information by engineers at Los Angeles took only 1.2 second this week to come up with what was described as Miss Formula, the girl with everything. Her dimensions: height, 5 feet, 6 inches; weight, 115-118 pounds and measurements, 36-24-36.” 


Westinghouse 1953


Introducing Touch Tone (1964)

Highway Hi Fi, 1950s

Highway Hi-Fi was created by Dr. Peter C. Goldmark.
The idea came from his young son.

The Eton, 

Curtis Mathes, 1960

Ford’s Car Television, 1965