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Kings Row Trailer Park-Overnites; Las Vegas, NV 1960s

it’s better than bad

Marilyn Monroe 

Premiere of How to Marry a Millionaire, 1953


Suburbia Sweet Suburbia

Mercury XM-800,1954

concept car

1966 Ford LTD

such a beautiful thing

Marilyn on her last earthly birthday;  June 1, 1962

Surfing Love!

Silver Surfer aint got $#!& on these dudes!




OK. Back to the cheesy, fabuulous horror!!

House on Haunted Hill

Eastbourne Motel;  c.1960s

Atlantic City, NJ

Edge and corner wear

lol. I love this one. He thinks she baked his little friend! So funny! so cute!

Motorola 1960s

Charles Schridde, artist

Record Love

This is actually the first car I ever owned. I had pictured a 77 gremlin earlier. It was actually a 73 Gremlin!