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Holiday Inn Pool, 

Fishkill, New York 1960s

Wayfarer Inn Pool;

Manchester, New Hampshire



Rest Stop c.1960s


Summertime, Poolside!

Yuma Hotel Stardust; Yuma, Arizona 1960s


Weeki Wachee, 1960s

What an inviting sight! who wouldn't want to pull over and just dive in on a flaming hot day? postcard Come one, come all

Mirage Motel:  1952-1988

AKA; Glass Pool Inn: 1988-2003 

Demolished 2004

In 1955 the Mirage Motel pool was built in order to stand out and possibly draw passing motorists to the motel. The pool was 26 ft. wide, 55 ft. long and 9 feet deep.  It held 54,000 gal. of shimmering blue water which gleamed with a fluid and tempting light… A wondrous oasis that enticed hot, tired travelers through seven, four foot wide portholes. A fantastic site after a long day of driving through the blistering heat of the Mojave Desert. The pool did exactly what it was supposed to do and in the process became an american icon. 

HERE  for more of this great story

Summertime, Poolside!

Beacon Manor Hotel/Motel 

Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

The Pie Shops

Niagara Falls c.1950s

Autopia, Disneyland 1959

Minnie and Mickey c. 1955

Disneyland entrance showing Monorail 1960s

Disneyland entrance 1960

Disneyland Entrance ca. 58

Disneyland Entrance ca.1966

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